>From: "Micheal Coles" <>
>Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 9:13 AM
> Who the fuck do you think you are claiming that you are KISS that crap you
> play "never too young to die" as "Sure Know Something" in my book just a
> track easily made with a voice overlay Now I see this as a slap in the face
> and a piss take of what you are doing.
> KISS has done more that any other band has ever done the Uk does not realize
> that cos you are too far up ya fuckin ass on trhe dole to realize greatness
> at it's best it pisss me of that you do this just to make enough cash for
> you and what does The KISS Army" get huh.
> Your going down and The KISS Army will follow I hope and pray you have
> enough cash cos im in contact with KISS'S Management and you better prepare
> u fucking asshole.
> TheOnlyTrueKISSFreak

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>From: "AUSSYACE" <>
>Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 13:57 PM
> This disc is PURE BRILLIANCE and one day has NOT yet passed without it being played...
>I am in AWE on how COOL this music is and I must commend you once again with how well the Interviews
>have been integrated throughout the fine music and looped KISS tunes...A PURE MASTERPIECE !!!
>I TRULY cannot see any fan NOT going ga-ga over this and dribbling blood from there front lip...All of my
>mates certainly have as I have quite a few who are into TECHNO? as well and they just love it too.


>From: "Sack Trick" <>
>Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 13:25 PM
>Dear Knights In Satan's Service,
>I'm never a fan of electronic, sampled or remixed music, but maybe cos I recognise all the samples I think your
>album's great! I'm listening to it for the fourth time're going out of your way to shake up some Kiss
>fans it seems. They need shaking up. I liked your hate reviews. Hopefully we'll get a similar reaction to our slightly
>ireverent Kiss covers album when it finally comes out. Have you seen our
>website...that's annoyed some Kiss fans too...
>Keep up the evil work.
>PS The Elder is the way forward!